Wowowow!! Look what we have here! Yeah a new Natsume Kazuki title!! *applause*

It’s been like four months or even more since we addedthis project to our future project’s list and it’s finally here. We had some troubles while working on this project and it made us suffer a lot, but at the end the taste of glory is much better.

This is a pretty nice «friends» story, yeah I use quotation marks because as the story develops we end up discovering that there’s so much more behind these two buddies’ relationship. Well it’s quite forward from very first pages but whatever, we like it even more for that >_<

Guys we’re in dire need for EDITORS!! Really we need at least one experienced person who is willing to commit to our group; we have chapters pilling up there that have been translated but with no one around to give us a hand at edition/cleaning/typesetting. Send a msg at if you want to be part of our small group! Thanks!

Many thanks to U-zai, Anon, Foe and Halalima for helping out in this chapter.

Without further ado…

By My Side – Chapter 01


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