*Look, look! What’s that?! What? Another Natsume Kazuki’s chapter?! So fast? And… MODS???!!!*

Yeah guys, here we are with a new release: MODS ENDING. I know you’ve been dying to see this, how everything comes to an end. Many of you must be wondering, what the actual f*ck happens with Shiro and Tora, if there’s  gonna be a happy ending, a sad one; and if there’s gonna be any «action»? You should just jump into the link and discover the answers by yourselves. I just can say tha we loved how everything turned out.

Again, we really need EDITORS and TRANSLATORS. We’ve updated our future project list, as you can see we’re gradually adding some non-bl titles, which deserve all your attention, so if you like seinen or plainly adult stories with  nice plots, please apply to join us! And ofc if you just love BL then do so too (we have plenty of it). Send a msg at sd.scanns@gmail.com

Thanks to U-zai, Anon, Halalima and Kokiden for helping in this project. The tankoubon will come out at the end of August! Yeap we’re very surprised how fast it’s gonna be released so we’re expecting some juicy bonus (pls sensei make us happy)… So stay tuned for more updates!!

MODS – Chapter 05 [end]

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