Halloween Release [I Hate ch01-02; Koko wa Yasashii Niwa Ch01-02; Skin ch04]

Helloooo our beloved readers! Look what we’ve got here, a mega Halloween’s release!! *clapping like an idiot*

So, we take Samhain very seriously and every year we like to release something in this day, luckily for us (and you) we had many things close to be finished around these past few weeks, wo we did our best to have them done for today.

I Hate: Yeah, at last! After idk like a year (well not that long but at least 6 months passed) we bring you the first part of this Natsume Kazuki book. We’re already working with the second part which is a whole different story. We’re so happy for this, thanks a lot to Himawari Scans who were so patient and for all their help, cleaning, raws, their own kindness, and U-zai for her translations, Yuki Crosszeria and Unagi-san for the typesetting, Lisforeverlove and Halalima for their checkings.

Koko wa Yasashii Niwa: This is another story we had there in our future project list for quite a time, I’m quite intrigued with this Enzou title, I really don’t know what it’s gonna be the next move of sensei, I must say that it’s probably her most serious story which involves some complex topics/issues. Chapter 03 is on its way together with chapter 04. Thanks a bunch to Johanna for her raws, Tsumikaze (I hope you’re doing alright my friend), LisforeverLoveFoe, Sgoedzo and Alma DeBronzze for her amazing re-drawing. Also a special thanks to U-zai for helping me with last minute fixes 🙂

Skin: Here’s is the latest installment of this twisted couple, we really don’t know when the next chapter is gonna be out but in the meantime here you have chapter 04. We get to see a bit more about Fuji (his personality) and what happened to Sagami when he discovered his ehem issues lol. As soon as chapter 05 comes out we’ll release it right away since I’m quite curious about what’s going to happen next. Thanks a lot U-zai for all the funny comments and of course the translation, dear Anon for raws, Enmajin our new cleaner (welcome aboard!) and Unagi-san who typesetted this at the speed of light ♥

Happy Halloween to everybody! Enjoy!

tumblr_mcg5mgbr2l1qid2nw I Hate – Chapter 01 & 02

tumblr_mbigyxlvm51qid2nw Koko wa Yasashi Niwa – Chapter 01 & 02

tumblr_inline_mjgtxzibke1roozkr Skin – Chapter 04

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  1. YAY! Happy Halloween to your excellent, hard-working team for these releases! I’m so glad you guys have taken up I Hate because I love the first couple from that tank. Thank you, thank you for wanting to complete it and many more for Enzou!! Keep up the great work, and I hope everyone has a great Halloween.

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