One Ichi ch01 [New Year’s release pt.3]

So yeah, we’re gonna release New Year’s updates till January ends. That was our main idea in case you didn’t notice lol.
Here it is 1一 or One Ichi as our translator decided to rename, this is a project adopted from Bunny’s Scans, I really like Yukimichi Ouji’s art, so I was pretty interested in doing sth from her, this is the result. This title is written in archaic Japanese which was a challenge if I was told correctly, but Ananda did an excellent job working with it aswell as Kokiden with her proofing. A bunch of thanks to them. Also Johanna for neat raws, and Doro! Her first cleaning project, congrats on your excellent job dear. Last but no less important, thanks to Unagi-san for the credit page and the translation notes design.

I would like to make a short request, we are in dire need of a DUSTER. Someone who can exclusively work with artifacts cleaning in our magazine chapters (specially Enzou’s). You know where to contact us. Thanks~.


 One Ichi – Chapter 01

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