Batch Release! Raiatea ch03-04-05 [END]

Our final release from January annnd first one of February, yeap.. I would’ve preferred to release this earlier (it was supposed to be out on January honestly) and make room for another more project, but life happens people and it was impossible to do so, we had this almost done for quite a time. But hey! I’m more than happy to close January with a story from our beloved Okadaya Tetuzoh, who’s is one of our favorite mangakas… It’s quite meaningful and right in tune with the first month of the year going away and February just starting up!
Regarding Raiatea last chapters, I can just say gosh how I adore power bottom Mani, he has become one of our preferred characters here in SD. Aside from that, Raiatea means a lot to me because it mingles many things that I particularly enjoy, and I can speak for some of my partners that they enjoyed it a lot aswell. We’re sad to say goodbye to Zomu and gorgeous Mani, but do not dispair we might have more of sensei in the future…
Making a shout out to all those dusters and really (and when I mean really) experienced editors who want to take part in our projects and deliver quality jobs from mangakas as Zariya Ranmaru, Enzou, Komotomi Yuuma, Toube and more. You know where to contact us!

Thanks so much to all the people involved, Kokiden, Johanna, FoeLisforeverLove and Aiseimei. You’re the best.

Also, this month will promise to give you Coyote and Mods. Stay tuned!


 Raiatea – Chapter 03-04-05

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