Neon Sign Amber release!! [Full Volume]

I’ll refrain from mentioning how long we’ve taken to release this tankô, it’s from public knowledge that this should have been out much sooner, but say no more for here we have the much awaited NSA full volume release!!

We’ve received a lot of help from several people. I’d like to dedicate this release to them. Viv for being the person who came at our rescue with descensoring, Eme, our new editor/cleaner and typesetter who did this book at the speed of light (she did such an amazing job, please welcome her!), Foe who worked with the beautiful extra and U-zai, dear friend who translated all this (without her this would have been virtually impossible), Atlibby for her cooperation with the illustration doujin, Aiseimei for checking everything super fast and our raw provider who was so kind to give us super neat material. And last but not least, Unagi-san for providing an announcing picture with so little time in advance (sorry for always asking you things in a hurry!).

We still have some more extra from NSA to release but for now we hope to satiate your Ogeretsu Tanaka thirst with these ♥

Enjoy the reading!

🍸Neon Sign Amber – Full Volume+Extra

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  1. Thank you so much, it must have been hard to do both versions. You are really wonderful! ♥ Is there a big difference between magazine and tankoubon version?

    1. Saludos:
      Si prestas atención en el menú principal ubicado arriba a la izquierda se encuentra el enlace a la sección en Español, en la cual podrás encontrar el tomo completo de esta serie en la página de proyectos terminados.

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