Express Release!! By My Side [ch03-04]

Hello, after what it seemed like a lifetime we bring you a release of these angsty dorks that should give it a break and cut the crap for a lil bit because our hearts will not resist it for so long :’)

Now talking seriously, BMS is going to drive us crazy at SDS, sensei please just make these dumb couple face the ugly but sweet truth about themselves. We hope you enjoy these unnerving chapters just as we did because believe us, the crazyness continues and you’ll need a shot (or several) of tequila to withstand it…

Thanks a bunch to U-zai, Unagi-san, LisforeverLove and Himawari for all the help.

We don’t make any promises but we’ll try to release ch05 as soon as we can.


By My Side – Chapter 03 & 04

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  1. YAY! She’s one of few manga-kas whose works I actively look forward to reading, thanks so much for the release (and two chapters, too XD).

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