Express Release!! [BMS Extra Booklet]

Hi everybody, we bring you a small release with the infamous dorks aka favourite dumb couple from SDS :’)

This booklet was a courtesy of a dear friend from the team, we wouldn’t have released this if it weren’t from her and her kindness that is: Atlibby, thank you. This short piece takes place like six months prior to the main events, hella cute and hella dumb. Uyama dear boy, we all feel your struggle, we’re praying for you to be ackowledged, Sakyou is a sweet idiot who needs a push (and some punches in the head) for him to realized the unavoidable truth, with some luck sensei will indulge us in the next chapters (whenever that happens, since she seems quite invested in Nights Before Night for now)…
Thank you so much to the girls involved: U-zai, Unagi-san and Kokiden!!

If you hadn’t noticed, this booklet has been released in Spanish first, and then in English. This is mainly due to some groups who decided to break one of the few rules we kindly ask to abide, which is to ‘not to re-translate into Spanish our English releases’, why’s that? Because we translate all our works so there’s no need for other teams to do so, we already do that. So we might think to release things first in Spanish and then in English, sorry people, you can blame those teams who apparently don’t know how to follow a few simple steps.


💞 BMS – Extra Booklet


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