Post-Valentine Release!! [Barbarities, BMS, Heartless, In August, Inga no Sakana]

Happy Post-Valentine everybody! Yeah, not in time for the real thing, but better late than never as some would say…

I’m not much of a follower of the festivity actually, but we like to make releases on these special dates, so we oblige. We hope you had a nice Valentine though. The only group related message I’ll leave is that we’re not going to reply any longer messages asking us about projects’ date releases, or why we’re taking so long with some particular titles, etc. So far I’ve been replying to those, but not anymore, after all it’s on our rules/FAQs that we do not allow that type of questions, so please stop leaving those messages, either in our website or in our tumblr, and if you can’t help yourself and you still leave a message, then expect no answer from our part we release whenever is possible to us, we don’t have strict schedules 🙂

Aside from that I’ll proceed to thank all the people who were part or collaborated in this mega update: BellaLuna, Eme, Foe , Hassliebe, LisforeverLove, Kokiden, Mo, Mystel, Namiko, Vân, Unagi-san, U-zai. Hope I’m not forgetting anyone >3<
Thank you guys for all your help, it’s a pleasure to work with such a great team!!~ Also, welcome Namiko, she’s our new translator and she’s making her debut with first chapter of Inga no Sakana ♥

Please, enjoy~

👑Barbarities – Chapter 04

💔By My Side – Chapter 05

Heartless – Chapter 02

💘In August – Chapter 02-03

🐠Inga no Sakana – Chapter 01

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  1. Thank you very very very much
    i was waiting for Barbarities, By My Side and In August
    the new serie’s cover looks hot
    thank you very much and Happy Valentine ♥♥♥♥

  2. Amazing! So many great series updating at once. More like Christmas than Valentine’s Day!!! Thank you!

    And then I have to say you should’ve just stabbed my still beating heart with the cliff hanger in By My Side…. oh wow, I’m still in a state of WTF… New York?! Argh….

    Thanks again for the updates 🙂

    1. Haha that’s how we are, whenever we get the chance we try to indulge the readers with everything we have lol. < Last chapter of BMS is a roller coaster of feels indeed. We've been like dying since the first moment the chapter reached our hands. We just hope sensei give us an update soon~

    1. Hello,
      Please refrain yourself from spamming.
      By My Side is on hiatus by the author. There aren’t any new chapters published, so we don’t know when we’ll release anything related to this series.
      We don’t drop projects and releases are as regular as possible with our current staff. Feel free to apply if you’re willing to help us.

        1. Hi,
          We’re currently working on it.
          We’ve finished cleaning, so we’re translating and doing typesetting right now. But since we decided to release the complete volume, you’ll probably have to wait a few weeks still.

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