Hello Everyone, 

Today we celebrate a special event, exactly one moth after Valentine’s Day.  You all know this one, so we hoped you had a very nice White Day. Even if most western countries don’t celebrate it, we decided to show you our gratitude by working hard on a special release. You’ve always been great and we received lots of love and understanding from our readers after our anouncement last moth. We were touched because your words make our effort worth it.

So please enjoy one of our unexpectedly well-received series:

🐠 Inga no Sakana – Chapter 4

With each chapter we get to know a bit more of these two men and their strange but intense relationship. Hope you all like it. 

Unfortunately we couldn’t bring you any new chapters fron other series. Please consider giving us a hand… either as a regular memeber or as a freelancer. If you’re interested in helping send us a message, we’re in need of editors and translators

See you on our next release!!


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  1. Thank you so much for your hard work and Happy White day!! Their relationship is really twisted but really exhilarating at the same time hehe

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