Happy Anniversary to us! Yep, April is our birthday’s month although we’re on May already. This will be a long post, so I recommend you to read till the end because I’ll take this moment to update some info regarding our projects, modus operandi and a few things more, so please keep reading. 🙂

Actually our anniversary was the first week of April, but most of us, specially me, were busy with RL issues and commitments, so it was virtually impossible to get everything done by then. Besides, we really wanted to go on full celebration mode and release several things.

Coyote: Damn, this was a hard task to complete. To get this volume properly done was an authentic nightmare. To check all the changes from the magazine to the tankoubon was hell. But the outcome was really nice. As you all probably know, Coyote is still ongoing on Japan so we’ll keep working on it (chapter 02 from vol2 just came out), but we’re still deciding what to do about mag version and tanko version, if we should keep going with the first and then do the compilation or just wait for the compilation (readers please drop your opinions about this!). We have some extras to do so wait for that too. Thanks to nagareboshi, u-zai, Johanna and Taquito-sama for the help.

Sorry for Falling in Love: Ohh for the love of gods, what a nice treat this oneshot was! Aniya sensei never fails in making us happy. This oneshot is related to another work she did time ago, Danshi Meiro. We adore Aniya Yuiji so we might work on more things from her hand. Thanks a bunch to Kokiden, Freewilly (the amazing redrawer), Saki, Mo, Unagi-san and Aiseimei.

Drugless Sex: At last we’re able to release this super smexy title from Enzou. I enjoyed a lot redrawing and cleaning this, and the story is super crazy so we hope you enjoy it. I dedicate this chapter to Tsumikaze, who helped us proofing this. She’s going through a really complicated moment in her country, so please all of you send her the best vibes to overcome this! Thanks to madamelepoo, Johanna, Kat-Tea, Kokiden and Unagi-san!

Portrait: This is a super sweet oneshot released in digital magazine Bloom by Natsume Kazuki sensei. As far as I know Bloom will eventually publish an official English version, so grab this while you can, after it’s licensed we’ll stop distribution of these scans. Thanks a lot to Kokiden, to Kat-Tea, Unagi-san and The Anon.

Heartless: Nishin Masumi is becoming one of my top favorite artists, I still dunno if they are male or a female, but that’s not important. I adore this gruesome, dark yet incredibly sexy style that their works transpire. Heartless has everything I like in a story. I hope to work on other stories by Nishin in the future. Thanks to u-zai, LisforeverLove, Dr.Unicorn and The Anon.

And now…I’ll head to discuss the future of some of our projects.

Boku To: This is ongoing. It’s not dropped as some of you think. We have this completely translated (at least till the last chapter that came out on the magazine), but we’re lacking cleaners for it. So please just wait patiently.

Koko wa Yasashii Niwa: We’ll wait for the tankoubon release to continue this.

BMS, MODS & I Hate: Currently being done. The three of them!

Grand Guignol: We were waiting for the tankoubon, and recently we got our hands on it, so we’ll start this quite soon.

Barbarities: Tsumikaze is translating this, so we’re waiting for her 🙂

Kimagure to Amagami: This is all translated and it’s currently on the typesetting department.

1一: This is cleaned and translated, only typesetting pending for it to be released.

Youkoso New World: In cleaning process, but it’s all translated.

Neon Sign Amber: In cleaning process (change of panels in previous chapters and extra goodies), translation is also in checking, extra chapter done.

I wanted to update all of this because we keep receiving messages about our projects, and it’s getting quite tiring to answer them. So from this moment and on, we won’t be answer any question regarding our projects’ status. Please, avoid doing these type of questions because we will just ignore them! Thanks~

Anyway, happy reading and stay tuned for more releases!! We won’t be doing weekly updates as we did any longer, we’re going on a monthly basis now, so keep that in mind 😉

As a last message I want to thank Hassliebe, Foe and Unagi-san for being great supporters and an important part of SDS.

Edit and a reminder: if we saw any of these projects re-translated to Spanish without our express consent, we will remove all download links without any previous warning (honestly this is a warning already). I’m mostly talking to those groups who have done this before and we’re kinda tired of this happening. WE ALWAYS RE-TRANSLATE OUR OWN RELEASES, so please just wait patiently for our job to be done. Don’t ruin the party for English speakers and readers because you didn’t like or want to follow our rules, ok? Thank you~


Coyote – Volume 01

Sorry for Falling in Love – Oneshot

Drugless Sex – Chapter 01

Portrait – Oneshot

Heartless – Chapter 01

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  1. Aww, Happy Anniversary to you guys!! Thanks so much for all the awesome releases and the updates. Can’t tell you how excited I am to read more Natsume Kazuki and to see that you guys are continuing to work on her other projects. Keep up the great work, and here’s to many more years for your lovely group.

  2. Happy Anniversary to you beautiful team !
    It’s your anniversary, and though WE get the presents !
    Thank you very much for spoiling us like this.
    Thank you for all your work all these years.

    As for the question about Coyote : both options are ok for me. Maybe waiting for the compilation is less work for you considering all your tasks ?
    Thank you again and long life to SDS !

  3. Hello, Happy Anniversary ❗ thank you very much for all your works until now !! april/may :: almost there lol may is more peaceful than april !! there’re at least 3 days off here so it’s nice !! thanks again, i’m looking forward to read your stories

  4. Happy Anniversary 〜 ♥ that MODS pic you choice is so pretty and hot <3

    Thank you for the 1st volume of Coyote and I prefer if your team wait for the tankoubon version to be released :3 it might have few changes compared to the magazine and extra papers :3

    I was happy to see portrait :3 even tho I have read it in Japanese language but reading it again in English have it's own pleasure XD

    Thank you for the other releases as well <3 and so much thanks to every members of the group for all their hard work ♥

  5. I wish you a VERY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!

    Thank you very much for all your hard work to share all these wonderful releases, I’m looking forward to read!!

  6. Oh and regarding Coyote – I don’t mind reading either the magazine or the tank! If it meant less work for you (As you’ve mentioned before and as everyone should know, there is also RL to consider), I would prefer the tank version^^

  7. Wow such a great and awesome surprise (or surprises)!!!
    Happy Anniversary!!! Thanks so much for all the releases and glad to see something by Enzo too!!! *throws confetti*

  8. Happy Anniversary and thanks for all the goodies!

    As for Coyote, my preference would be wait for the tanko, but whatever works for you!

  9. happy anniversary! and omg… thank you for blessing us with so many amazing releases! As far as Coyote goes, I have no opinion, anything you choose to give us is perfect with me =) thanks so much for everything!!!

  10. Thanks so much for the releases and Happy Anniversary! As far as Coyote goes, it’s really up to y’all and what works best for you.

  11. Ive just discovered your group through reading your Coyote scanlation, and I must say that I admire how you can manage to release in both Spanish and English, you guys are incredible! Happy anniversary and thank you so much for this releases, particularly the whole first volume of Coyote which I was waiting for expectantly.

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