New Release!! Drugless Sex [Ch 02], new one-shots and more

Hello Everyone,

As usual, we’re trying really hard to bring you something new and we eventually got it done. We decided to check stuff we had pending and so we bring you two nice short stories, some special material from one of our favorite mangakas as well as a much awaited chapter from a very special series we know must of you love. So without any further ado:

💊 Drugless Sex – Chapter 02: We didn’t drop it and we didn’t forget about it. Right now we’re working on the rest of the tankoubon so fear no more, you’ll read this story as soon as we can get it done.

💋 Afureru Nureru: A sweet story about two friends, who might be much more than that.

💎 Nocturnal Flight: A boy meets a quite unique teacher and suffers the consequences.

✨ Zariya Special Papers: Here’s a small collection of papers by sensei featuring Coyote, Nemuri Otoko to Koi Otoko and Pet Contract.

Finally, I’d like to thank all our beautiful staff for their effort. So please don’t forget to thank them, and if you’re willing to give us a hand we’d really appreciate it. We’re in need of committed people, specially on the redrawing section. We also need a Chinese Translator and a Korean one, for one project each, if you are interested and like to know which projects, send us a pm.



21 comentarios en «New Release!! Drugless Sex [Ch 02], new one-shots and more»

  1. Thank you so much for the release of Drugless Sex and the Zariya extras! Do you guys mind me asking if you’ll be picking up the spin-off that’s a continuation of this chapter’s couple in Drugless Sex?

    1. We’ll be doing the whole volume, so if you’re referring to the rest of stories, then yes, we’ll do those. Unless you’re talking about a whole different volume that’s related to this one? I haven’t heard of one in that case. We know there’s a second volume of Drugless Sex, and we’ll do it too if we have enough time in our hands and staff to do it of course, but we don’t make any promises.

  2. Thanks for the release!! I wanted to ask you if you will continue Coyote from Ranmaru-sensei? Because the volume 2 is out since augustus but I don’t see any translation of it. Thanks you one more time for your work!

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